Tvboy is an Italian artist based in Barcelona.
He started painting in the streets of Milan in 1996.
In 2004 he moved to Barcelona, city where he settled his studio and founded the “Urban Pop Art” movement.
He has displayed his artworks in many different countries both in the street or in art gallery and museum exhibitions.

“Tvboy’s art is between boundaries, eye-catching and suggestive, appealing already in its most simple form.
In the latest years Tvboy has exhibited his works at the Biennale in Venice, at MDM Museum in Porto Cervo, at PAC in Milan and in various shows in galleries and museums in Rome, Barcelona, Monaco, Bern, Copenhagen, Munich, Berlin, Beirut, London, Las Vegas &  Miami, both alone and alongside great masters of contemporary art such as Warhol, Lichtensten, Haring and Basquiat. He has given lectures in renown academies while keeping himself always deeply involved in the urban art scene.
His last serie of works portrays famous stars and historical and political figures by giving them an artistic treatment and transforming them with irony and a bit of sarcasm. By creating a mash-up between two different characters and historical periods, Tvboy creates images that are funny and beautiful, as well as pungent, cynical and politically incorrect.
I am very excited to see what will come in the next few years.”
Kirsty Sathel, Art Critic London U.K.






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